Learn haematology and prepare for the UK FRCPath Haematology exam at your own pace through simple, interactive visuals, quizzes and real patient cases.

A diagramatic representation of haematopoiesis

Build haematology knowledge at your own pace

Prepare for the FRCPath Part 2 exam with over 300+ digitised blood films, bone marrow aspirates and trephine biopsies.

Learn through our collection of haemoglobinopathy, transfusion and coagulation cases. 


Policy, lab testing, clinical transfusion


Normal maturation & typical phenotypes

Regardless of which specialty you choose, core Haematology knowledge will be crucial to your practice.

We have developed materials to help you approach and manage common Haematology issues.


Approach to anaemia and tests to order


Blood groups, clinical blood transfusion


VTE, anticoagulation, bleeding disorders

Learn concepts visually

Explore over 300+ Blood Films & Bone Marrows for FRCPath Morphology

Discuss challenging cases