The FRCPathy Haematology Part 2 Morphology paper comprises two 90 minute papers – morphology shorts and another paper with 3 long cases.

For the shorts, there are typically 10-12 sets of slides (usually peripheral blood films, but some cases will have bone marrow aspirates / trephines as well), each with two to three short answer questions to attempt.

The long cases will usually include at least one haemoglobinopathy case, and one of the cases may require you to report a bone marrow trephine biopsy. One or more of the short and long of the cases will typically include flow cytometry findings for interpretation.

Bear in mind that the morphology paper may include diagnoses which are not classically haematological – i.e., infections such as malaria, histoplasmosis, leishmaniasis etc. 

This course covers morphology for the Haematology FRCPath Part 2 Examination. It is not meant to be an exhaustive list of conditions which may appear. Rather, it is meant to illustrate the typical morphological features of a few important conditions, and help trainees work through a differential when examining a blood film or bone marrow aspirate.

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